We help you to educate, entertain and engage your target customers through short, compelling animated videos

We specialise in animated explainer videos 

Animated video productions are designed to explain your company, product, service or cause in a way that your audience can easily understand. Our explainer videos tend to communicate six key messages: your target customer’s problem, how your company solves that problem, how your solution works, the benefits it delivers, what makes your solution unique and what action you want your customers to take now. 

of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process.*
0 %
of executives surveyed prefer to watch a video rather than read text. **
0 %
of consumers are much more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. *
0 %
of introductory emails that include a video have much more click-through to the desired page.***
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Sources: ComScore *, Forbes ** and Implix ***


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Animated videos are a highly engaging medium that’s cost-effective and easy to manage.

1. Animations bring your brand to life

Unlike live action, animation offers boundless creativity to bring your brand to life through a medium that enjoys universal appeal. Consider the popularity of modern animated TV shows appealing to a global audience and broad demographic.

2. Animation excels in explaining complex ideas and quickly

Animations are perfect for explaining complex, abstract or new products, services or ideas. It is for this reason that animated explainer videos are popular with businesses launching new and innovative technologies.

3. Animations increase sales

90% of people state that videos are helpful in the decision-making process. 64% state they are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. These statistics are compelling! In fact, according to a Google study, almost 50% of internet users actively seek a video related to a product or service before visiting a store.

4. Animations lower costs

Animations provide all the benefits of a visual medium with significantly lower resource requirements than you might expect. As videos can help you communicate your proposition to the masses, it can significantly reduce your cost of sales too.

5. Animations offer future proofing

Live action videos have a limited shelf life whilst animated videos offer longevity and the ability to add or remove segments much more easily as your business evolves.

6. Drive more traffic to your website

Video content appeals to Google algorithms and therefore can help deliver more traffic to your website

7. Videos offer great versatility

Videos can support your business in many different ways. Add an explainer video to your website, post it to your social media, complement your sales team approaches by linking it in your introductory emails or LinkedIn InMails, add it to your sales slide deck, display it on your exhibition stand at your next event. 

8. Videos offer share-ability

If people like your video and believe its content is of value to their colleagues, associates, friends or family, they are more likely to share it than a static graphic or web link. 


1. Brief

We begin with a written brief which states the objectives of the video and responds to questions like: what problems does your business or product solve, who is your target audience and how you plan to use the video.

2. Script

Most customers will supply a rough script which we can help you finalise. The script should be written with a cadence that sounds natural when read aloud. Paragraphs should be short and form a 'story' delivered in a logical sequence.

3. Design and style sample

Based on the brief, we create a suggested 'look and feel' by visualising a part of the script in the form of several still images and a few seconds of animation. We then act upon your feedback to make any changes to the design and style.

4. Voiceover recording

Taking the brief into account, we can source the best voice from our curated list of artists. Alternatively, you are welcome to select and supply your own.

5. Storyboard

When you are satisfied with the final style sample, we design a storyboard. This is a visual planning document comprising of still images to illustrate how the final video will look scene-by-scene.

6. Illustration and design

The foundations of the previous steps are used to begin creating all the illustrations of every character, prop and background that will be featured in the production.

7. Animation

We bring your illustrations and designs to life! All the previous stages in the process must be agreed prior to this stage as later changes can have an impact upon the timing and budget of the production.

8. Music and sound effects

We can help you to commission a unique music production or source royalty-free music and sound effects. We then work on the process of sound mixing the music, sound effects and narration.

9. Delivery

Once finalised we will supply you the video in 1080p HD, 4K or other agreed formats to use in your website, YouTube channel, social media, sales meetings or exhibitions.


  • Concise and less than three minutes duration – but usually no more than two.
  • Focus on solving known customer problems.
  • Focus on benefits relevant to your customer – not product or service features.
  • Conversational tone.
  • Specific call to action