I was introduced to Carl by an Innovate UK KTN Manufacturing Business Adviser. At the time he was assisting several technology clients with their marketing and R&D programmes.

Following a competitive tender process, the AMRC appointed Carl to evaluate the commercial viability of a proposed IoT solution on behalf of one of our clients. This was a complex research brief to simultaneously evaluate the size of the market opportunity and the identification and prioritisation of user-defined features based on the business needs of a large survey sample. As the IoT solution itself was in the ‘proposal stage’, this also called upon a technical understanding of hardware device and software limitations as well as a strong commercial mindset for the findings to be actionable.

The research performed was extremely thorough, providing conclusive proof of market need and went the extra mile by providing suggested price points, specific economic impacts, and detailed business benefits that the solution would deliver to the target market companies interviewed or surveyed. The research also provided the insights required for our client’s engineering and commercial teams to formulate a product roadmap and a well thought out go-to-market strategy. He puts the client first, always providing honest feedback even if the truth is uncomfortable to deliver.

At the time of engaging Carl, we were experiencing resource constraints which meant that he was required to work autonomously on a large and complex project. His ability to do this and deliver exceptional work to such tight deadlines is indicative of utmost integrity.

The AMRC prides itself on world-leading research and development, so it’s essential that subcontractors perform to our very high expectations. Carl and ProMotive have exceeded these.

Highly recommended.