Research & Development

We understand how customer insight is critical to commercial viability and is at the centre of an effective go-to-market (GTM) strategy for any new product or process innovation

We work with organisations to help provide the thorough insight needed to develop their offering in every aspect of the marketing mix. Our customer and product research programmes work to identify, understand and segment your target audience, de-risking your product development and maximising your ROI.

Proposition Development

We help determine a value proposition that resonates with your intended target audience. We do this by engaging prospective customers in your product’s research and development. In doing so, participating companies develop a pre-sales connection with your brand long before your product or service goes to market. The aim is to differentiate your proposition based on identifying a unique set of features and benefits that is important to your target market. To achieve this, we utilise a blend of tools including discrete choice experiments (DCE) and conjoint analysis to deliver actionable results.
New product research
Market intelligence reporting

Market Intelligence

We utilise a blend of quantitative data and qualitative information gathered through focus groups, interviews and mystery shops to inform strategic decision-making. Our areas of focus are:

Customer segmentation and targeting

Market profiling

Market trends and forecasting

Competitor monitoring and intelligence

Pricing Research

Price has the most immediate influence on a company’s bottom line yet pricing decisions are often made with minimal knowledge of how customers value their product and service offering. ProMotive uses methodologies, tools, and analytical techniques to ensure you get the accurate information you need to set the price. Our research tools include:

Competitor analysis

Mystery shopping

Pricing seminars and workshops

Price point sensitivity analysis

Pricing research
Business process development using Visio


Poorly defined processes can lead to an inability to provide products and services that meet your customer expectations. The symptoms are lost sales, poor customer experience and ultimately – a negative return on your R&D or marketing investment. ProMotive blend the principles of quality management with tried and tested marketing approaches to analyse and optimise your business processes, aligned to the requirements of International Standards such as ISO9001.

Featured R&D Projects

ProMotive and its Principal Consultant have delivered the following research projects.

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