Marketing Strategy Services

We use customer insight to ensure your marketing strategy is built on marketplace realities that resonate with the needs of your target customers and deliver the results you seek

As expert strategists, we help our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to help achieve sustained growth

We help organisations to strategise and implement their creative visions. How customers perceive you and your competitors is ever-changing. We focus on what makes your business unique and what matters most in your marketplace to create a robust value proposition and bespoke marketing strategies to connect with your customers.

Our work includes launching new brands and services, helping customers to enter new markets, gaining detailed market insights to inform R&D activities and optimising marketing investment. 

Fractional CMO

A Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) dedicates a fraction of the time that a regular CMO would spend on a company for a fraction of the cost. The service enables organisations to access expert and affordable guidance in all aspects of marketing. 

ERDF Marketing Consultancy & Services
ProMotive - Marketing Strategy Meeting

Marketing Planning

We work closely with your organisation to understand your business, your market, your ideal customer and to then formulate a marketing and sales plan that meets your objectives and fits your budget.

Marketing Implementation

We ‘walk the talk’ too. In fact, we are renowned for it! As most of our customers lack the appropriate internal sales and marketing resources, we can ‘hands-on’ implement an an agreed strategy through one of our marketing packages working alongside your existing teams.

SLT Marketing & Branding Strategy Presentation by ProMotive